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Kurt Braunohler is driving a giant one-ton butt across America

Photo via Braunohler's Instagram

Kurt Braunohler is a master of the absurd comedy gag. He has hired a skywriter to sketch out the phrase “How do I land?” over Los Angeles and spent part of last summer driving a Jet Ski down the Mississippi River, all the while fiercely chafing in a tuxedo-print wetsuit. And starting today, he’ll be driving a giant butt—more specifically, a double-sided giant butt—across America. The 14-foot-long papier-mâché ass is the hook of a pilot Braunohler is shooting for Comedy Central and will make stops in Las Vegas, Denver, Kansas City, Louisville, and Washington, DC, among other butt-friendly cities. As Braunohler notes in a post on his website, driving the butt—which weighs almost a ton and sits on a flat-bed truck—is about “inserting absurdity into stranger’s lives to make this bleak world a little bit brighter.” Here’s hoping for a random run-in with the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile.


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