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Kumail Nanjiani to host X-Files marathon, sneak peek of the new series

Stand-up comedian and X-Files-superfan-turned-X-Files-cast-member Kumail Nanjiani will be hosting a marathon of the series this weekend in Los Angeles, allowing his fellow Mulderheads and Scullyites to relive their love of the series before it returns to Fox on January 24. Nanjiani will be hosting a special live episode of his podcast, The X-Files Files, at L.A.’s Cinefamily theater, accompanied by a six-episode marathon of classic episodes of the seminal paranormal thriller, culminating in a sneak peek at the premiere of the revived miniseries.

The event will kick off at noon on Saturday, January 16, and while Cinefamily hasn’t released a list of the episodes beings shown, Nanjiani’s own obsessive fandom—and the trailer for the event, which is teasing potential appearances by some of the billion or so guest stars the series racked up over the years—means fans are likely to see favorites like “Tooms,” or the classic “Jose Chung’s From Outer Space.” If nothing else, it’ll be a chance for fans of Nanjiani’s podcast to see him evaporate into a cloud of pure, nerdy joy, as he helps to usher the new miniseries into the world.


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