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Screenshot: Men’s Health (YouTube)

From most people’s perspective, comedian Kumail Nanjiani’s transformation from typecast nerd to ultra-ripped superhero appeared to happen overnight. However, as anyone who has ever tried to get into shape knows, those type of results take a tremendous amount of effort, from long hours in the gym to a rigorously planned diet.


After all, you don’t get to be the face of Pornhub’s “Muscular Men” category by sitting on your couch.

Thanks to a new video from Men’s Health, we can get a look at the gym set-up that facilitated Nanjiani’s Marvel-ready body. The Eternals star answers questions about his evolving attitudes towards health and fitness while walking viewers through an example of his daily workout routine. He also discusses the contents of his fridge, his approach to dieting, and how his relationship with food has changed over the course of his transformation.

As the actor himself has explained on social media, the lifestyle he’s adopted to achieve his new look is extreme and wouldn’t have been possible without the resources provided to him by Marvel. Still, it’s cool to get a look at what it takes to turn an average Joe into a mini-Hulk.

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