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Kumail Nanjiani isn’t afraid to shush you

Screenshot: YouTube

As Jerry Seinfeld once noted, there comes a time in life when you evolve from the shushee to the shusher. The older you get, the more deeply bothered you become by the tittering youth and their disrespect of the golden art of cinema. The question of whether or not to shush is a tough one, though. Shush the wrong person and you could get a half-full soda dumped over your head.

Never fear, however, because Kumail Nanjiani has your back. His new movie, The Big Sick, opens this Friday and, in a new PSA created for the Alamo Drafthouse, he wants you to know that if you talk during his movie he will absolutely shush you. “I’ve shushed my own damn parents,” he asserts.


He even offers a preview of his shushing capabilities, which are undeniably impressive. It’s the kind of shush that would make kids cry, make teens sulk, or make your tub of popcorn fly in the air out of pure shock. Really, though, it’s just super embarrassing to get shushed. Like, you take that shit home with you. The moral: Don’t be a dick at the movies.

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