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Kumail Nanjiani’s ascent from beloved stand-up, to indie movie hero, to full on blockbuster comedy star continues apace this week, with news breaking today that the Big Sick star is teaming up with Vice’s Adam McKay for a new true-life spy comedy. No Glory is based on a manuscript by “National Security Operative and author” Scott Shephard—one that doesn’t appear to have been published, excerpted, or mentioned anywhere, as far as we can tell, so good spycraft there—about his adventures as a “rambunctiously patriotic” “first-generation American.”


McKay will produce through his Gary Sanchez Productions label, while British TV writer Sam Bain (Peep Show, Corporate Animals) is set to pen the screenplay. Nanjiani, meanwhile, is having a pretty busy year, despite the fact that Silicon Valley is on temporary hiatus; he’s set to appear in the upcoming Men In Black sequel, as well as providing a voice for The Voyage Of Doctor Dolittle.

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