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Krysten Ritter will be a b---- in space for Will Ferrell's NBC comedy

With Don’t Trust The B—— In Apt. 23 well and done, Krysten Ritter has moved on to being a b—— whom you should not trust… in space. Ritter has signed on to play the lead in Mission Control, the previously reported NBC comedy from producers Adam McKay and Will Ferrell that will transpose the retro setting, ugly color schemes, and jocular chauvinism of Anchorman to the 1960s space race, when men were astro-men and women were ignored at a speed of Mach 10. She’ll play Mary, an engineer in charge of the Apollo mission whose authority is challenged by a macho male astronaut, and who bristles at the repeated sexist attempts to undermine her. Fortunately for Mary, in space, no one can hear you be a b——.


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