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Krysten Ritter will also appear on The Blacklist

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Krysten Ritter certainly seems to have a knack for waltzing into TV shows, stirring up some kind of horrible drama, and then sneaking away while everyone else picks up the pieces. We don’t remember exactly what she did on Veronica Mars or Gilmore Girls, but we know it wasn’t good. Plus, her character on Breaking Bad pretty much destroyed the best meth-making team of all time, and her character on Don’t Trust The B—— In Apartment 23 was basically an evil super villain.

It seems fitting, then, that she’s going to appear on NBC’s The Blacklist during its upcoming second season. TV Line reports that she’s going to play “a troubled data security firm analyst” in the premiere, but we know that’s probably just a cover. Nobody hires Krysten Ritter unless they want her to tear some shit up, so we apologize in advance if we spoiled a great twist. We also reported a few days ago that Weeds’ Mary Louise-Parker would be joining The Blacklist as well, though that sounds like it’s going to be a more recurring role than whatever Ritter is doing. But that’s probably for the best. James Spader may be taking on The Avengers soon in Age Of Ultron, but they’re no Krysten Ritter.

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