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Krysten Ritter is ready to break some faces in the new trailer for season 3 of Jessica Jones

The third season of Jessica Jones will mark the end of Netflix’s hesitant foray into the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or at least something very close to the MCU without anyone ever directly acknowledging the existence of The Avengers), and this new trailer for that third season makes it clear that Netflix’s Marvel experiment is going out just how it came in: With a gritty crime drama that just happens to include comic book characters. Jessica Jones’ second season ended with the eponymous super-angry super-detective having some realization that she could and should use her powers for good—not to mention her friend Trish Walker finally getting some kind of powers of her own—but it looks like season three is going to try and walk back any notion that Jessica is a hero at all.

That’s mostly thanks to a new homicidal maniac named Gregory Salinger, who wants to torture Jessica Jones and ruin her life for… reasons that are unclear in this trailer. Salinger doesn’t seem to have the theatrical costume of your usual comic book villain, but he is actually from the Marvel books. There, he’s better known as Foolkiller, a C-lister (and that’s being very generous) with a bad habit of murdering people who he perceives as fools. Either way, Jessica and Trish seemed to have patched up their many issues from the end of the show’s second season, and they appear to be working together to take on Salinger—with Jessica angrily dubbing her friend Super-Cat-Burglar (which is so close to Hellcat).

Marvel’s Jessica Jones returns to Netflix for its final episodes on June 14.

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