Nick Kroll’s comedy cavalcade of characters you’d never want to spend time with will continue on a third season of Kroll Show, Kroll announced on Late Night With Seth Meyers. The news was then confirmed with an official statement from Comedy Central’s Kent Alterman, who said, “Nick has gone so deep into his characters, we were worried about his mental health if we didn't pick up a third season”—an obvious jest that nevertheless brings to mind disturbing visions of Kroll roleplaying as Bobby Bottleservice with his girlfriend Amy Poehler, which we’d just as soon forget immediately. Anyway, in addition to meaning Kroll will have to come up with another year’s worth of reality show douchebags to entertain us, he’ll also need some more famous fonts to copy for his opening credits sequence; just a note to Nick Kroll that you can download the True Detective font now.