Liz got bangs!

Anyone who’s still all torn up from the demise of both Kroll Show and PubLIZity can take a little solace today, because the Lizzes appear to be answering e-mails. Earlier today, Nick Kroll tweeted a picture of a coffee-stained press release announcing the “all-inclusive asset liquidation” of the PubLIZity offices. That release included an e-mail address——for press requests, as well as to inquire about purchasing “cute binders, cute tumblers, cute mason jars, pens, cute pens, SO much paper, some computers, this printer that just does not EVER work right, and two especially super cute tropical parrots.” And lo and behold, that e-mail address appears to work. While the Lizzes have apparently already sold everything—including the tropical parrots, who are Canada bound—Liz G. is still seemingly eager to dish about Cassandra, as well as talk about what a “TRAGEDY” it is that their agency closed following that heinous Jumanji lawsuit. It’s a cool little thing that Kroll Show, Comedy Central, or whoever is doing, especially because we’re hoping it’ll help—in part, at least—with Big Liz’s quest to have fun, because she’s worth it.