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Kristin Chenoweth aligns herself with CBS’ Perfect Citizen

(Photo: Lisa Lake/Getty Images)

Tiny, ebullient soprano Kristin Chenoweth has joined CBS’s pilot Perfect Citizen, which stars Noah Wyle as a whistleblower who joins a Boston law firm post-scandal. If this sounds like a male-led, New England-set, Edward Snowden-inspired version of The Good Wife, well—it comes from that show’s executive producer Craig Turk. Chenoweth has been cast as Jessica, who is described by Deadline as the “heartbeat of the firm [who] got her name on the door by outworking and outthinking the Ivy Leaguers.” So we expect her to be taking absolutely no shit and being delightful about it. Meanwhile, the Pushing Daisies alum and musical theater heroine also has an upcoming role in Starz’s Neil Gaiman adaptation American Gods as fertility goddess Easter.


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