It’s the rare Saturday Night Live player who can admit to being fed up with their own recurring characters. But then, there’s always been a strange, almost schizophrenic divide between the Kristen Wiig on that show and the one seen elsewhere that would allow for that sort of self-awareness. In a recent interview with Time, Kristen Wiig Beta—the softer, slyer, wittier woman from her movies—appraised her sketch comedy alter ego, and let everyone know that she’s also sick of Kristen Wiig Alpha playing perpetual one-upper Penelope and cartoonish schoolgirl Gilly, so she’s resolved to kill those characters off, no matter how doggedly Lorne Michaels might seek to fill five minutes with them. We can only assume this is all leading up to a Superman III-style battle for which Kristen Wiig will ultimately prevail—like this, but with funny voices. [via Vulture]