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Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogen join the cast of Arrested Development as surprise guest stars that aren't surprises anymore, sorry

Assuaging the anxiety that’s surrounded it by ensuring no surprise goes unspoiled, advance word continues to leak from the Arrested Development reunion, so that, when we finally see it, no one gets spooked and accidentally takes someone’s eye out or something. Today it’s the addition of Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogen to the already lengthy list of guest stars confirmed for the fourth season, with Wiig likely brought into the fold by her Extract co-star and off-screen pal Jason Bateman, and Rogen stumbling onto the set one day and saying, “Hey, what are you making? A comedy in the year 2013? Am I or Jonah Hill in this?” And then the proper permits were filled out and everything was allowed to proceed.

Anyway, should you be interested in maintaining some modicum of innocence about what’s to come, even at this point, you should definitely stop reading here. Because this is where we tell you that, while the nature of Rogen’s character remains unknown (besides the fact that he will probably look and sound a lot like Seth Rogen’s other characters), Vulture has learned that Wiig will be playing Lucille Bluth—a younger, slightly less pickled version of Jessica Walter’s character, presumably appearing in a flashback. Or possibly in a Looper-esque time travel scenario, where Lucille arrives in the present day with the assignment to assassinate her older self. That, at least, would still be a surprise.


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