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Kristen Stewart in Clouds Of Sils Maria

Taking her one step further in her journey from Peoples’ Choice Award winner to Academy Award winner (Albeit still several steps removed—Kelly Reichardt movies don’t get nominated for Oscars, even though they should), Indiewire reports that Kristen Stewart has joined the cast of Reichardt’s as-yet-untitled next movie.

Stewart joins an already-prestigious cast of actresses that includes Academy Award nominees Michelle Williams and Laura Dern. Stewart has been chasing critical respectability lately with her role in Clouds Of Sils Maria, a role for which she won a Cesar award, which is more impressive than an Oscar because it’s French. That’s what she hopefully knows better than to say to Dern and Williams, anyway, because the movie is being filmed in small-town Montana and there aren’t going to be many places for the three women to go to escape each other there.


Stewart will reportedly play a lawyer from Boise, Idaho who takes a teaching job several hours from where she lives. There, she meets and befriends a local woman who is auditing her class; whether this role will be played by Williams, Dern, or one of the film’s other, less fancy cast members—including Point Break’s James Le Gros, Mad Men’s Jared Harris, and newcomer Sara Rodier—is not yet known.

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