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Kristen Stewart ponders a return to blockbuster filmmaking

Photo: NBC / Getty Images

Now that it’s been well established that Kristen Stewart is a good actress, she was just bored out of her mind making the Twilight movies, it’s time for her to start dipping her leather-clad toe back into the world of blockbuster filmmaking. The Hollywood Reporter has the details on her first tentative step back towards tentpole movies, a potential role in the upcoming adventure thriller Underwater. Described as an “underwater Armageddon” where the villain is not a meteor, but an underwater earthquake, the film was co-written and is being directed by Will Eubank, who directed the sci-fi thriller The Signal back in 2014. Stewart is in talks to play the lead role, a “jaded and hardened” crew member on a scientific expedition, which seems right in her wheelhouse. Any vampires, though, and she’s running straight to the first French avant-garde filmmaker she can find.


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