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Kristen Stewart is the first American actress to win France’s Cesar award

In an unexpected turn of events for people who have seen the Twilight movies, France’s most prestigious film award ceremony—The Cesar Awards—has determined that Kristen Stewart is the greatest American actress of all time. Or, at the very least, she’s the only one to have ever been worthy of receiving an award. As reported by Variety, Stewart won the Cesar for Best Supporting Actress on Friday (for her role in Clouds Of Sils Maria), making her the first American actress to ever win one. That means Kristen Stewart is better than, say, Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Katharine Hepburn, and every other American actress who has ever lived.

Clearly recognizing which side of the planet her bread is buttered on, Stewart praised the French film industry, saying that she prefers it to Hollywood “a little bit.” To be fair, though, we’re still making jokes about Twilight while France gives her awards, so it’s not exactly hard to understand why she feels that way. Now that she has claimed the title of Best American Actress (According To France), though, maybe the days of Twilight jokes are behind her.

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