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Kristen Schaal replaces Mandy Moore in probably the only story where you're ever going to read that

After a careful process of consideration regarding whether Mandy Moore was the right fit to play a desperately man-hungry woman—a process that involved Googling “Mandy Moore”—the producers of ABC’s Pulling have chosen to replace her with an actress who can more convincingly be comically flustered by constant rejection. Moore’s former role of “Louise” now belongs to Kristen Schaal, who joins the also recently cast Jenny Slate and June Diane Raphael in the U.S. adaptation of the British comedy concerning three women who should have everything already, because they're over the age of 30. In addition to being appropriately funny, Flight Of The Conchords’ Schaal obviously has a history with playing characters who have trouble landing the men they want, while she also has a history with playing characters named “Louise,” thanks to Bob’s Burgers. This decision to replace Mandy Moore with Kristen Schaal represents a bold new initiative in TV development called “thinking about stuff first.”


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