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Kristen Schaal is writing and starring in a new comedy for ABC

America's Sweetheart Kristen Schaal is finally getting a starring vehicle, after scene-stealing roles on Flight Of The Conchords, Bob's Burgers, and The Daily Show. She and husband Rich Blomquist (a former Daily Show writer) are co-writing American Monster, in which Schaal will star as a small-town misfit who finds herself as the defendant in the murder trial of the century.

American Monster has some heavy hitters behind it in the form of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the duo who created Clone High and co-directed the Brooklyn Nine-Nine pilot, and whose films include 21 Jump Street and the upcoming The LEGO® Movie. Presumably Schaal's role on the show will hew closely to her adorably psychotic Conchords character—though it's also possible the show will take its title literally, and Schaal will be a monster in the shape of an enormous vagina. Something has to take over for zombies eventually, right?

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