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Kristen Schaal and Will Forte were like two kids when they visited a dildo factory

Fame really does have its perks, even if those perks are ones that many people would consider icky, off-putting, and wholly inappropriate for dinner party conversation. When, for instance, The Last Man On Earth and Bob’s Burgers star Kristen Schaal casually mentioned on Conan that Last Man was shot next door to a dildo factory, the manufacturer in question definitely sat up and took notice, especially since the actor and comedian identified the company, Pipedream, by name.

So it was that Schaal and her Last Man co-star Will Forte triumphantly toured the grounds of Pipedream Products in Chatsworth, California on October 26. In fact, according to Sabrina Dropkick, keeper of Pipedream’s official blog, “the LMOE rep had to contact us multiple times to increase the size of the tour because as word got around the LMOE office, everyone wanted in on the typically NSFW fun!” Pipedream’s blog now proudly features a tame but enjoyable gallery of images documenting the momentous tour. A dildo factory turns out to be a lot like any other industrial work space. There are drop panel ceilings, fluorescent lights, and a shipping area with cardboard boxes. The difference is, those cardboard boxes likely have “King Cocks” in them.


If all of this has a Charlie And The Chocolate Factory vibe, that wasn’t lost on the visiting celebrities. Dropkick reports: “This [shipping] room seriously smells like a candy store and one of the crew members commented, ‘It’s like the Willy Wonka factory of sex toys!’” The keenest student on the tour? That would be Will Forte. “He was super intrigued by everything,” Dropkick writes, “and there were plenty of times when he’d linger far behind the tour, watching and filming every process of manufacturing.” Never hurts to learn a second trade.


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