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Kristen Bell would just pay for a Veronica Mars movie right now if they'd let her

Wicked temptress Kristen Bell continues to tease a Veronica Mars movie, recently telling The Hollywood Reporter that she would just pay for the whole thing right now if she could, presumably using some of that When In Rome money. (She got a lot of money for that, right?) Unfortunately, Warner Bros. still owns the property, and refuses to relinquish it, even if Kristen Bell does that cute little sideways smirk thing. Still, Bell says she won’t give up: “My duty, because I wanted this movie made from the minute our show got canceled, is to a) do it before I'm 40; and b) to prove to Warner Bros. that there is an audience. You already have 3 million who watched it every week, hardcore fans that will see it—you can only build from there." Bell also noted that, should a feature film fail to materialize, she’d be “down with doing a Web series,” although she still thinks it’s “really deserving of being on the big screen.” Hey, she's not going to pony up for a bunch of people to just watch it on the Internet for free. Anyway, Bell just turned 30 this summer, so we’ve only got another 10 years of this.


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