(Photo: Getty Images, Jeffrey Mayer)

For years, a lot of people probably knew Kristen Bell as a certain plucky teen girl detective, but lately she’s been promoting her musical talents more than her crime-solving ones. Now, Variety is reporting that Gaumont Television is giving her a chance to make a full-on musical TV show of her very own. Titled Do, Re, & Mi, the project will be an animated series “featuring original songs performed by Bell and American Idol finalist Jackie Tohn” along with “other guests.”

Do, Re, & Mi will consist of 52 11-minute episodes, and though Variety doesn’t actually say what it’ll be about, the smart bet is that it centers around three cartoon characters (Do, Re, and Mi) who love to sing and learn lessons and/or solve problems through the power of song. Maybe one is a dog/cat and the others are humanoid? Whatever the characters are, we’ll be seeing them pop in “apps, games, and music videos” in addition to the show, though there’s also no word on when the show itself might debut—or where it might debut, for that matter.


Anyway, here’s a song from Frozen to distract you from the lack of concrete information in this story: