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Kristen Bell has quite the busy schedule at the moment. She’s still promoting the final season of The Good Place, just tossed the reality series Encore! into orbit on Disney+, and she’s currently barreling through the Frozen II publicity tour, one talk show appearance or red carpet at a time. (Oh, and she’s coming back as the voice of Gossip Girl. XOXO, Kristen.) Yet she made time to do some Disney karaoke melody, even though this random guy kept interrupting. Important note to karaoke-goers: Not everything is a duet!

The big takeaway here is that Kristen Bell sounds great singing every single Disney song; if she wants to belt out all of “How Far I’ll Go” sometime in the future, you will get no complaints from us. The smaller takeaway is that her hair is impossibly shiny.


This is the latest in The Tonight Show’s line of recurring “History Of/Evolution Of” bits—recently, Jennifer Lopez came on to teach this same interrupting karaoke guy about the history of music video dancing—but it’s closest competitor is actually from a different late-night show, when a different Disney movie was being promoted by two different famous people who can sing.

Neither medley includes Mulan, and we are greatly disappointed. But still, good job, Kristen! Hope you get to take a nap soon.

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