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Kowabunga! Kid announces its debut album with “When You’re Sleeping”

The beauty of college towns is that they’re an endlessly renewable resource for scrappy new bands. And although Champaign, Illinois has always had a scene that runs deeper than its collegiate transplants, that injection of fresh blood has always kept its punk, indie, and hardcore scenes afloat. Case in point is Kowabunga! Kid, a band that’s been kicking around for a few years but is now finally announcing its debut album, Wasting My Time, due out June 10 on Rat King Records. The A.V. Club is streaming the first track from Wasting My Time, the infectiously energetic “When You’re Sleeping,” below. Recorded by Luke McNeill of The Copyrights, Wasting My Time is the most tuneful batch of songs the band’s recorded yet. “When You’re Sleeping” sees the band aptly mixing pop-punk and hardcore, while Kamila Glowacki’s vocals soar above it all in a way the band’s previous recordings never allowed.

Pre-orders for Wasting My Time are available now through Rat King Records.


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