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Illustration for article titled Kobe Bryants Oscar-winning short iDear Basketball /iis available to stream for free
Photo: Matt Sayles (Getty Images/AMPAS)

As reported by Variety, Kobe Bryant’s production company Granity Studio has released his Academy Award-winning animated short Dear Basketball for free on its website as a tribute to Bryant after his death on Sunday. The Variety story explains that the short has been difficult to find in full ever since it won the Oscar in 2018, with only a teaser trailer being released online. Now, Dear Basketball can easily be streamed in full at the bottom of this story.

The animated short, which was written and directed by Greg Keane (with music by John Williams), is based on a poem that Bryant wrote in 2015 to announce his retirement from the NBA, and it’s about Bryant falling in love with basketball as a kid and what it meant to him to achieve his dream of joining the NBA in the first place.


Dear Basketball from GranityDearBasketball on Vimeo.

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