Knife Hits (Photo: Maxwell Hartley)

Formed in Florida in 2011, Knife Hits has seen members move across the country to Philadelphia and Chicago, but that hasnā€™t stopped the band from continuing on. Earlier this year, the band went on tour and released a tape, all of which presages Knife Hits releasing its debut album. On September 16 three labelsā€”Dead Tank Records, Hydrogen Man Records, and Give Praise Recordsā€”will release Eris, which was recorded and mixed by Torcheā€™s Jonathan Nunez.

The A.V. Club is streaming ā€œForgotten Vessels,ā€ a song that expands upon the sound of the 52-second barn burner that was released alongside Erisā€™ announcement. ā€œForgotten Vesselsā€ is no less aggressive, but expands beyond the bandā€™s penchant for stop-start dashes of Orchid worship, building on that screamo framework to find its own approach to controlled chaos. In a way, it feels akin to the likes of Loma Prieta, another group thatā€™s mined ā€˜90s screamo and found harmony within that chaos.