Knight Rider

Another year, another formerly-futuristic car for sale: Julien’s Auctions is holding one of its Hollywood Legends auctions to sell off priceless memorabilia to the highest bidder on June 26-27, and Knight Rider fans and/or Hoff hounds with roughly $200,000 to spare can purchase one of the cars that “portrayed” KITT in the popular ‘80s show.

The car that’s on the auction block is reportedly the only remaining KITT from the show in existence. The auction listing includes “studio call sheets and maps indicating where the vehicle was used and which cast members were present,” which means this might be the first car sold with provenance of the ass grooves in its seats. And that’s good, because we’re guessing that the serious collector will want to know for certain whether or not this is the KITT from the Diff’rent Strokes/Knight Rider crossover episode.


Last year, David Hasselhoff’s junk cornered a whole section of the Hollywood Legends auction, in the accurately if unimaginatively named “Property From The Career of David Hasselhoff.” The KITT that sold last year was actually a replica that was given to the Hoff by his fans; but while that auction winner drove home a Pontiac Firebird instead of a TransAm, they got to do so to the preprogrammed dulcet tones of Mr. Feeny.

Other legendary items up for bid include shackles from The Ten Commandments, various garments worn by Marilyn Monroe, and a James Dean abstract painting which may or may not be in the style of his other weird drawings. Grease aficionados will also have the chance to bridge the gap between the films by purchasing Michelle Pfeiffer’s Pink Ladies jacket from Grease 2 to wear in the Hell’s Chariot, the car that T-Bird rivals the Scorpions drove in the original film.