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Kit Harington says he once bribed a cop with Game Of Thrones spoilers

Game Of Thrones

[This post revolves around some major plot points from recent episodes of Game Of Thrones. Proceed with caution if you’ve somehow managed to avoid spoilers for the past year.]

On Game Of Thrones, Kit Harington plays the unflappable do-gooder Jon Snow, a guy who always tries to find the “right” way to do things, no matter what. In fact, he tries so hard to make everyone happy that it got him stabbed in the chest a bunch of times last season. That last bit is a spoiler, but it’s a spoiler that everyone who would willingly click on an article with “Game Of Thrones spoilers” in the headline should already know. Just to be clear, though: Jon Snow died at the end of last season. He got stabbed and collapsed into a pool of blood as the life faded from his eyes. He was dead, dead, dead.


But nobody really bought it. Almost as soon as the first knife drew blood, virtually everyone in the world shrugged their shoulders and acknowledged that he’d probably come back to life somehow—and he did, a few episodes ago. Before he was resurrected, though, everyone involved with Game Of Thrones had to keep pushing the official line that Jon Snow was dead and would never be coming back, to the point where Harington himself even felt the need to apologize once the big reveal had aired.

Apparently, though, Harington did tell somebody the truth about Jon Snow’s fate, and the way he did it may have been mildly illegal. During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, Harington told a perfectly prepared anecdote about one time when a cop pulled him over for “being a bit naughty and going over the speed limit” in his car. It turned out that the cop was a Game Of Thrones fan, and when he realized who he had pulled over, he decided to put on a little pressure. Essentially, the cop solicited a bribe, telling Harington that he could either go down to the station and get a ticket, or he could tell the truth about what happened to Jon Snow. Harington—recognizing when a cop is extorting information from him—freely gave up the spoiler, to which the cop responded: “On your way, Lord Commander. Keep the speed down this far south of the Wall.”

It’s a happy ending, thankfully, but it does speak to the excessive amount of power that police officers tend to wield. Let’s just be glad that the cop didn’t really abuse his authority and ask Harington who Jon Snow’s mother is.

[via The Wrap]


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