While overtures to Nick Offerman are apparently still in the “sending him pictures of Minnesota trees he could kill” phase, Fargo has secured another familiar face from a fellow cult television show: Jesse Plemons, whose roles on Breaking Bad and Friday Night Lights make that doubly true. FX has announced that Plemons will join the show’s second season alongside Kirsten Dunst in her first regular TV role (save for a handful of appearances on shows like ER, Sisters, and Star Trek: The Next Generation). Plemons and Dunst will co-star as a married couple, Ed and Peggy Bloomquist, with Dunst playing a “small town beautician with big-city dreams,” and Plemons a butcher’s assistant who supports her ambitions, but doesn’t entirely understand them. (“Are they about meat?” he no doubt asks. “Because I can get more meat.”)

As previously reported, season two takes place in 1979 Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Luverne, Minnesota, where the yet-to-be-cast version of Lou Solverson becomes entangled in another “true crime” case. While a few of the supporting players have been named already, the rest of the cast—including the roles of Lou’s wife Betsy and the 4-year-old version of Allison Tolman’s Molly—are still expected to be announced soon. Among them is, presumably, a clear villain to rival Billy Bob Thornton’s from season one. Though we suppose you can never entirely trust Jesse Plemons.