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Kirk Douglas' son is already planning to remake his movies

Kirk Douglas’ other son Peter has an interesting strategy for his Vincent Pictures independent film company: According to Deadline, rather than take the risk of creating anything new, he’s “focusing only on remakes and sequels of such interesting 1960s film fare as director John Frankenheimer's.” And actually, that “such as” doesn’t even belong in there—so far, he seems intent on remaking everything John Frankenheimer already did, including the stuff Frankenheimer did with his dad, with Douglas securing the rights to the director’s Seconds, Seven Days In May, and Grand Prix for potential updates. Which just seems sort of rude. It’s like, find your own modern-day version of John Frankenheimer, copycat. Of course, it’s not nearly as rude as remaking films that your own father starred in, as with Seven Days In May and also The Vikings and The Final Countdown, two more Kirk Douglas pictures that his son is apparently intent on rehashing as well. At least wait until the guy is dead, right?


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