We’re not going to bother warning spoiler-phobes to stay away from this article, because the headline mentions “final scene,” so we’re obviously going to talk about the final scene of Kingsman. We will, however, warn people who are reading this with any moms hovering nearby. That’s because we’re going to be talking about Kingsman, and how it ends with one character offering up anal sex to the protagonist as a reward for saving the world.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the movie, here’s how our reviewer—Ignatiy Vishnevetsky—described the ending in his Spoiler Space: “Kingsman: The Secret Service ends with newly minted Kingsman agent Eggsy having anal sex with a princess after blowing Barack Obama’s head off.” Everybody seems cool with the Obama thing, but the sex part has generated a bit of controversy from moviegoers who see it as misogynistic. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Kingsman director Matthew Vaughn says it’s actually the opposite. He says the intention was to subvert the old James Bond cliché of the hero receiving sex as a reward by having the girl offer it on her own. He says it’s actually “empowering,” but he adds that “some bloody feminists” keep accusing him of being a misogynist—presumably while an alarm goes off in his head telling him to eject before he keeps referring to his movie’s critics as “some bloody feminists.”


He argues that the scene is supposed to be “tongue-in-cheek and crazy,” and that only “20 percent” of audiences are offended by it—all of whom “just need to lighten up a little bit.” Finally, he says, “It’s not meant to be offensive, and it’s definitely not misogynist or any attack on women. That’s for sure.” Well, that settles that. Case closed!