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Universal Pictures certainly has a lot of unusual plans for its reboot of The Mummy: It will reportedly be more “epic action-adventure” than traditional horror film, it might task Tom Cruise with acting in Brendan Fraser’s long shadow, and it could feature an Avengers-style crossover with other classic monsters (it already worked so well with Abbott and Costello). But the studio showed it was really thinking outside of the Imhotep box when it suggested The Mummy could be, of all things, an undead woman. And according to The Hollywood Reporter, that accursed being could be played by Sofia Boutella (Kingsman: The Secret Service).


Although Universal Pictures refused to comment on casting for the film, THR has reportedly caught wind of negotiations between the studio and Boutella, whose breakout role in Matthew Vaughn’s wealth porn—which saw her slicing her way through debonair agents and dignitaries—has already landed her a part in the new Star Trek movie. Boutella will also star alongside Hollywood’s badass-in-residency, Charlize Theron, in The Coldest City.

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