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King Of The Hill meets Neon Genesis Evangelion in Propane Genesis Evangelion

Perhaps you woke up this morning thinking you didn’t need to see King Of The Hill footage mashed-up with the title sequence of classic mecha anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. Nevertheless, that is precisely what the above clip from Youtube’s Gamblor has to offer. It is called “Propane Genesis Evangelion,” and it is a true delight.


Even if you can’t tell an Eva from an Angel, there’s plenty here to appreciate. Setting Hank Hill and company against Evangelion’s, “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” is oddly thrilling, as are the many deep-cut King Of The Hill references—Peggy’s left-shoe size, the number of men Cotton Hill’s killed (fitty), Hank’s narrow urethra, Celery Head, and, of course, “propane and propane accessories”—sitting in for the flashing black-on-white text cards of the original title sequence. Oh, and you better believe Hank’s non-ass makes an appearance.

In all, it’s a wonderfully crafted title sequence, although where, one wonders, is Hank’s Japanese half-brother, Junichiro Hill? Seems like a missed opportunity. 

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