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King Of The Hill gets the ax

After several seasons of narrowly avoiding the cancellation ax, King Of The Hill's time has finally run out. The animated show, created by Greg Daniels and Mike Judge, is wrapping production at the end of this, its 13th season. This is not the first time the show was slated for cancellation: After being cut from the schedule during its 10th season, KOTH was eventually restored to the lineup due to high ratings. This appears to be for real though, so don't hold out for new episodes beyond next season.

However, FOX has a slate of other animated shows lined up to take its place: Family Guy spin-off The Cleveland Show is waiting in the wings, as is Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz's animated series Sit Down, Shut Up. American Dad has also been picked up for a fifth season, giving Seth MacFarlane and his three shows the real "Animation Domination" on FOX. Then there's The Simpsons, which has been picked up for (at least) three more years.

King Of The Hill is the second-longest-running prime-time animated show, after The Simpsons.


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