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Kind-hearted movie producers are already in Thailand, sniffing around for movie rights

Photo: Linh Pham (Getty Images)

Today saw the mostly-successful resolution of the Tham Luang cave rescue crisis, in which several young boys from a Thai soccer team were rescued from a flooding cave system over the course of several harrowing days, and at the cost of the life of one of the Thai Navy SEALs who dove in to rescue them. It’s the sort of gripping, heartbreaking, and at times tragic international incident that could very likely make for a good movie some day, once the healing distance of time has finally set in.

Or, uh, not, as the case may be, with news.com.au reporting that Hollywood movie producers have already descended on the site to start lining up interviews and movie rights for films about the incident. Specifically, two producers from faith-based Pure Flix, whose other films include such good-taste bonanzas as Hugglers and the God’s Not Dead franchise, are reportedly on the site, “conducting preliminary interviews” and planning to bring in a screenwriter to talk to “the team of foreign rescuers and Thai Navy SEALS, the victims and their families.”


Pure Flix is positioning its efforts as humanitarian—with producer and Thailand resident Michael Scott stating that he’s been on site helping at the cave rescue, and citing his wife’s personal connection to Saman Kunan, the SEAL who died. But when asked whether they thought efforts to secure film rights to the incident were potentially insensitive, his production partner, Adam Smith, was a bit more blunt: “There’s going to be other production companies coming in so we have to act pretty quickly.” Obviously, the clock is ticking on this perilous and potentially heartbreaking struggle.

Anyway, fingers crossed that this all goes according to plan; after all—and general grossness aside—it’d make a hell of a weird double feature with that Chilean miners movie from a few years back.

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