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Kimya Dawson and Aesop Rock form The Uncluded, a supergroup so super it already has an album

Kimya Dawson, formerly one half of Moldy Peaches, and alt-rapper Aesop Rock have been strange musical bedfellows for a while. Rock contributed verses to several tracks on Dawson’s solo album Thunder Thighs, while Dawson added vocals to Rock’s Skelethon. Now Dawson and Rock have formally teamed up as supergroup The Uncluded. Not only does the collaboration have an official name, the pair already has an album in the works.

The Uncluded’s debut, titled Hokey Fright, is set for a May 7 release, complete with cover art below. Continuing to come out with guns blazing, The Uncluded has also released a music video for lead single “Earthquake,” which interweaves Dawson’s vocals with Rock’s rapid flow. It's also put out a full 16-song tracklist for Hokey Fright that includes a guest spot from James McNew of Yo La Tengo. [via Complex]


Hokey Fright
1. Kryptonite
2. Delicate Cycle (feat. James McNew)
3. TV On 10
4. Earthquake
5. Organs
6. Superheroes
7. Jambi Café
8. Batts
9. Scissorhands
10. Eyeball Soup
11. The Aquarium
12. Teleprompters
13. Alligator
15. Boomerang
16. Tits Up

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