Magnetically draw together through a mutual love of seeing their names emblazoned across every surface of the earth, Tyler Perry has cast Kim Kardashian in the upcoming Tyler Perry’s The Marriage Counselor, Tyler Perry’s film adaptation of Tyler Perry’s play about a marriage counselor who can’t get her own marriage to work, in a bit of Tyler Perry’s irony. For her biggest acting role since Disaster Movie and that time she pretended to be interested in Occupy Wall Street before getting distracted by cake, Kardashian will play a co-worker of said marriage counselor who gives her the “big-city makeover” she needs to gain new confidence and take charge of the loose assemblage of warmed-over romantic comedy tropes and pandering black stereotypes that is her hellish, Tyler Perry-created life. And in their downtime on set, Tyler Perry and Kim Kardashian will play a friendly game of competing to see who can mine the most bafflingly disproportionate profit from using their name to sell something. It’s gonna be close.