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Kim Gordon to play a schoolteacher in German horror film

Der Nachtmahr

Not to be outdone by fellow alternative icons like Iggy Pop, Grace Jones, and motherfucking Lemmy, Kim Gordon is also making a cameo in a German art film. Specifically, a hallucinogenic teen horror film called Der Nachtmahr (The Nightmare), in which she plays a school teacher who reads William Blake poems to a class of students that includes our protagonist, Tina (Carolyn Genzkow). Gordon, who reportedly booked the gig because she’s a fan of director Akiz’s work, also contributed tracks to the movie’s soundtrack. Here’s an official synopsis, courtesy of NME:

Tina is a 16-year-old girl who seemingly has everything a young teenager could ever ask for. After a massive party one evening, however, she begins experiencing nightmares in which she is haunted by an unusual creature. As reality and dreams collide, Tina finds herself befriending the monster and forging a relationship that will change the lives of everyone around her.


In other words, typical German family-film fare. Der Nachtmahr premieres next week at the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland; a drug-and-strobe-light-filled trailer, which includes a brief glimpse of Gordon at the 1:17 mark, is below.

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