(Photo: David Black)

Even though Sonic Youth has been officially defunct since 2011, Kim Gordon is still writing badass, ethereal noise-rock: Her latest musical endeavor is Glitterbust, a duo she formed with Alex Knost of Tomorrow’s Tulips. The band will drop its self-titled debut album via Burger Records on March 4, and has teased the album’s arrival by sharing the track, “The Highline,” which features a familiar, Sonic Youth-like crescendo. It’s got a runtime of nine minutes and will be one of only five songs on the band’s double-album release, which suggests that brevity won’t be the soul of Glitterbust’s wit.

Glitterbust is the second noise-rock duo Gordon has formed since Sonic Youth broke up—she also spearheaded Body/Head alongside Bill Nace, which released Coming Apart in 2013. And just last year, Gordon published the memoir Girl in a Band in which she discussed New York City’s post-punk scene in the 1980s, as well as her life with ex-husband and former bandmate Thurston Moore.


[via Stereogum]