In a new interview with Slate (one that, through questions like, “Does the radicalism of noise music feel, let’s say, connected during performances to the political stances you hold?” affirms that Slate is hilarious, and therefore a natural arbiter of comedy), Kim Gordon confirms she’ll appear in an episode of Girls next season. The Sonic Youth co-founder, currently of Body/Head and a million broken indie-rock hearts, didn’t offer (nor is she actually asked about) any further details on her role. Still, it’s seemingly a logical progression for a performer who, in songs like “Swimsuit Issue” and “Kim Gordon And The Arthur Doyle Hand Cream,” has written about some of the same feminist body image issues that Girls and Lena Dunham sometimes like to discuss, before the Internet then talks even louder about them. Also, it’s called Girls, and Kim Gordon has already been on Gilmore Girls and Gossip Girl. She just likes being on shows about girls. If New Girl or 2 Broke Girls asked, she might be on them too. (Not The Golden Girls, though. Most of them are dead.) [via Rolling Stone]