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Kim Basinger has certainly had her share of odd gentleman callers in her film career: Garth Algar, Mickey Rourke, Batman. Now it appears she can add another billionaire weirdo to the list. Basinger has signed on for the Fifty Shades Of Grey sequel, Fifty Shades Darker, as Elena Lincoln, the older woman who introduced Grey to the BDSM lifestyle when he was just 15 and who Anastasia Steele’s inner goddess refers to as “Mrs. Robinson.” Years later, Elena comes back into the fold and becomes jealous of Christian and Ana’s dispassionate, dull relationship, for one reason or another.

“Universal is planning to shoot Fifty Shades Darker and the final picture, Fifty Shades Freed, back-to-back,” according to Variety “so it was important to lock down cast before production began on the sequel.” The character of Elena Lincoln was hinted at in the original film, but never shown on screen; much like Jabba The Hutt in the original Star Wars, it can be assumed she will be inserted into a special edition years down the road.


Fifty Shades Darker is expected to beat the box office into submission Valentine’s Day 2017.

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