Killing Joke frontman Jaz Coleman has gone missing and band members are “concerned about his welfare.” Several days ago, someone—maybe Coleman, maybe a rogue fan—announced via the band's Facebook page that the industrial metal band’s fall UK tour with The Cult and The Mission would not be going forward, claiming that “all [of The Cult’s] songs suck” and that The Cult “clearly [has] no integrity.” Since Coleman has gone missing, though, the band can’t confirm whether he was actually the author of these statements; what is certain is that all of the band’s dates are in limbo.

In a more recent post on Killing Joke’s Facebook page, the group says it’s “deeply embarrassed by this” and offers its “sincere apologies to all involved.” The band still hopes to somehow make the dates work, though the post goes on to say that Coleman remains “AWOL” and “has not contacted any of his bandmates.”