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Illustration for article titled iKilling Eve/is Jodie Comer in talks for Ridley Scotts Ben Affleck/Matt Damon revenge drama
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According to Variety, Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer is a “sure thing” to join the cast of The Last Duel, the upcoming Ridley Scott movie about Ben Affleck and Matt Damon trying to kill each other in 14th century France. Actually, it’s about a bit more than that, unfortunately: The reason Affleck and Damon are trying to kill each other is because one of them returned from war and found out that the other had raped his wife, prompting them to ask the king of France to sanction a duel to the death—which he does, making it the last legally authorized duel in the country’s history. So it’s really a movie about a woman who gets raped and various men arguing about it, which is not a great look in 2019, and (presumably because of that premise) the movie is having some trouble getting off the ground.

The Last Duel started off at Fox, but the new owners have Disney are apparently a little nervous about greenlighting the movie. As we pointed out last time this movie was in the news, someone will definitely come along even if Disney’s decides to pass on this, since Affleck and Damon will be co-writing it (their first time doing that since a little film called Good Will Hunting) alongside Can you Ever Forgive Me?’s Nicole Holofcener. There are also some theories going around that this might be Scott’s last film, since his theatrical debut was 1977's The Duellists and this is called The Last Duel, but not every filmmaker has some perfect Tarantino-esque arc envisioned for their career.

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