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Killing Eve is coming to Hulu, so you won't have to illegally download it

Illustration for article titled iKilling Eve/i is coming to Hulu, so you wont have to illegally download it
Photo: Sophie Mutevelian (BBC America)

Killing Eve is a breakout hit for BBC America, the kind of word-of-mouth success story that finds more and more people coming to a series simply because their friends are telling them it’s good. So it’s a relief to hear the news it’ll be on Hulu later this year, saving people the annoyance of illegally downloading it.


Not that we or anyone we know would ever do such a thing, but we’ve heard that such practices are rife among ne’er-do-wells out there. Especially for BBC America, which for reasons passing understanding is not included in many standard cable packages, something that has long irritated fans of shows like Orphan Black. In a new interview with Decider, BBC America president Sarah Barnett confirmed the fledgling series would be joining Hulu, hopefully well before the end of the year.

Looking at the numbers, Killing Eve really is startling in what it achieved, ratings-wise. According to the cable channel, it’s the only show in all of television, going back at least a decade, to post week-to-week ratings gains in key demographics for every single episode over the entire season. As Decider calmly puts it, shows “never ever ever do this.” So it’s good to know that the next time that one friend says, “How have you not watched Killing Eve yet?” you can now reply, “I’m waiting for it to appear on Hulu,” rather than, “Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m going to pirate it next week.”

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