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Killer Mike to plunge society into chaos with new Netflix series

Those of us living in our ivory towers tend to forget just how precarious the so-called civilized society we live in truly is, but rapper Killer Mike is going to work with Netflix to expose just how primed for collapse our society truly is. In a new, six-episode “subversive comedy documentary” series titled Trigger Warning, Killer Mike will “explore the human condition” by questioning conformity and what society expects from us (according to Vulture). Based on this trailer, it looks like that’ll involve Killer Mike asking weird/hard-hitting questions that people won’t really know how to answer, making it look a bit like a Sacha Baron Cohen thing but without the whole “the interviewer is secretly playing a character” gimmick.

Trigger Warning, which we feel compelled to note is a stupid name, will premiere in January.


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