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Killer Mike de-murdifies prance-about stage name

It's hard out there for rappers with murder on their minds and in their monikers. First, the unthinkable happened: C-Murder, of all people, was accused of murder. Then the even more unthinkabler happened: Uncle Murda changed his name to Chauncey Q. Fancypants. Or Uncle M. One of the two. Now the unthinkablest thing has happened: sohh.com is reporting that the Dungeon Family's own Killer Mike is changing his name to Mike Bigga.

Say it ain't so, Killa, I mean, Bigga! My favorite lyric on Speakerboxxxx was "my rap name's Killer/my street name's Scum" from "Bust". Was it all just a goddamned lie? Is your street name even Scum? Was it ever? We just don't know what to believe any more though we remain, as always, cautiously optimistic.


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