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Kiersey Clemons is officially playing Iris West in the Flash movie

(Photo: Getty Images, Vittorio Zunio Celloto)

Though Ezra Miller’s Flash made his official big-screen debut in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, we finally got a proper introduction to the (new) Scarlet Speedster in the footage from the Justice League movie that director Zack Snyder released during Comic-Con. Now, we’re getting an introduction to one of The Flash’s most important supporting characters as well, with Variety reporting that Dope’s Kiersey Clemons will officially be playing Iris West, the film’s female lead. Much like in the Flash TV series (where she’s playing by Candice Patton), the movie Iris will reportedly be a “tough-as-nails journalist and friend of Barry Allen, the Flash’s alter ego.” Hopefully movie Iris will realize that Barry is the Flash a little quicker than TV Iris did, though.

Clemons was first attached to The Flash earlier this month, after Dope director Rick Famuyiwa stepped in to replace original Flash director Seth-Grahame Smith. This is also the first real information we have about the Flash movie, even if it does contradict Ezra Miller’s line about having no friends in the Justice League footage. We’re sure Warner Bros. will iron out any wrinkles by the time this cinematic universe gets into its fourth or fifth movie, though.


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