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Giving one of the most tragic disasters in human history the dramatic weight only the director of Resident Evil can provide, Paul W.S. Anderson is shoring up the cast for Pompeii, his retelling of the final days of the Roman city, before it was buried by Mount Vesuvius in an awesome, 3-D CGI eruption. Game Of Thrones’ Kit Harrington is in the lead role of a slave who’s out to save his one true love, played by Emily Browning, who’s also the daughter of his master, played by Jared Harris. And now the film has found its “villain” in Kiefer Sutherland, whose history of explosive performances will find their apex as he rains hot magma down on the city, burying it in ash and pumice until it tells him what he wants to know. Or rather, in a far less imaginative turn, by playing an evil scheming senator who tries to steal Harrington’s girl, and then all of this proves beside the point because a goddamn volcano kills everybody.


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