Jacob's Food Diaries (Screenshot: Instagram)

There are not many children in the world who will willingly eat their goddamned broccoli. But maybe they’d eat their goddamned broccoli a bit more readily if it were shaped like Goofy’s hat. That’s the basic philosophy behind Jacob’s Food Diaries, an eye-popping project created by Melbourne food artist Laleh Mohmedi. With the goal of “making healthy food fun,” Mohmedi creates edible versions of familiar characters from movies and TV for her young son. Naturally, she also photographs these dishes and shares them with followers via Instagram, Facebook, and her blog. This food art demonstrates incredible creativity, resourcefulness, ingenuity, and skill. Check out this tribute to the recent Trolls movie made from grass-fed beef, mashed potatoes, black bean noodles, and spinach, accompanied by a yellow capsicum “J” for Jacob.

Mohmedi also demonstrates a sometimes odd, disturbing sense of humor. In the following picture, for instance, gruff but lovable Carl from Up seems to have had his head grafted to the body of a roasted chicken.

Some of Mohmedi’s creations are so lovely that it almost seems a shame to eat them. Check out this smiling Tigger, fashioned from lentils, potatoes, a radish, and rice.


Don’t worry, Muppet Show fans. That classic is represented here, too, with Animal and Kermit.


Jacob’s Food Diaries does occasionally tackle human subjects as well. Sort of. Here are Mohmedi’s versions of Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter from Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland. “Just for the record,” the artist writes of the Depp picture, “Jacob didn’t eat this.” That’s probably for the best.


[via Laughing Squid]