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Kids make the best music critics... or the loudest, anyway.

A note to my fellow music critics: We’ve been doing it wrong. Informed, rational opinion is not the key to influencing the musical decisions of others. Why bother thoughtfully dissecting a song’s aesthetic value when you can just kick and scream until people finally acquiesce to your musical whims? Take a cue from these babies, who know exactly what they like and aren’t going to let you tell them otherwise.

First, a kid after my own heart, Embry, who is going to dance to Florence And The Machine whether you like it or not, dammit.

[h/t Vulture]

And don’t you dare try to make Bob Marley Baby listen to the damn Gipsy Kings.

And woe be to anyone who deprives this kid of her David Bowie. (She should like today’s Primer.)

Kids: They’re like real people! Who knew?

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