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Kids make shot-for-shot remake of Beastie Boys "Sabotage" video, are adorable

As far as cute stuff on the Internet goes, it's hard to beat videos of dogs doing tricks set to the Mission: Impossible theme song. Three kids in Portland have managed to outdo that, though, with their moving, hilarious tribute to The Beastie Boys' late Adam Yauch. Filmmaker James Winters recruited his two sons and nephews to strap on wigs, fake mustaches, and ill-knotted ties in a shot-for-shot remake of The Beastie Boys' super-memorable video "Sabotage." The results are simultaneously bad-ass and adorable, as three little kids struggle to climb over chain-link fences and chase down bad guys. Some of the effects were a little out of the group's reach, like the car explosion, but they did manage to pull off the whole "throw a dummy off a rooftop" trick with flair. The whole thing comes off as a fitting and loving tribute to Yauch, who came up with the concept for the original video.


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